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Yuu Yuu Hakusho Characterization [Aug. 30th, 2008|11:43 am]
Yaoi/slash that BURNS.

I don’t mind the odd OOCness of certain characters, so long as I eventually understand the Why. But when a character I’ve seen ruthlessly maim/slaughter another apparently sentient and apparently intelligent being, and it isn’t his first time maiming/killing or his second time or even his tenth time, please, please understand that of course I’ll go WTF? ARE YOU INSANE? when the selfsame character starts crying and sinking into severe depression because the person he loves “doesn’t even know that he exists.” 

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Rant #1Collapse )

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Here we shall get a glimpse of what lurks in the mind of a yaoi fanbeetle. [Feb. 10th, 2005|12:37 am]
Yaoi/slash that BURNS.

Grab some flashlights! It's dark in them there caverns!Collapse )
Gosh, that was fun. ^_^

(X-posted at my personal journal)
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Where men are men and sheep are scared [Sep. 13th, 2004|08:55 pm]
Yaoi/slash that BURNS.

[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Have you ever read a fanfiction story where the characters are virtually mouthpieces of the author? I have; sometimes they are quite good and sometimes they are quite funny, and then sometimes one would wish that the author would button his or her lip, and that of the character being used as the mouthpiece.

Now, I'm not innocent of using another character as my mouthpiece; more than a few opinions of mine often make their way into fanfic, but mostly because my opinion had to correlate with the questions being asked in a certain situation and it suited that particular thought process and ethics of that particular character. (Usually, my characters tend to do the opposite of what I actually approve, since that makes it a much more entertaining story to read.) And then the character sprouts messages that you're not really sure if this is an agenda or issue with an author, or if it just goes with the story.

Do keep this all in mind as we embark into the following fanfic:

Name of author: PaddycakePadfoot
Name of story: OH my gosh Kurt Cobain!
Fandom this is from: Saint Harry Potter
Pairings: Eventually Harry/anything with at least one hole--er, I mean, it mostly comprises of Harry/Remus and Harry/Draco
What makes it bad: Rampant OOC, Harry in the most bizare situations (which doesn't make it bad, but the situations weren't given the merit their potential deserves), Harry-as-a-mouthpiece, list abuse, inability to allow the plot to breath

So heeeeeere we go!Collapse )
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Writing interesting summaries takes practice. [Sep. 3rd, 2004|03:35 pm]
Yaoi/slash that BURNS.

[mood |amusedamused]

And, uh, depending on what sort of story you read and your opinion of the writer, perhaps some intelligence as well.

I have admitted before that I'm not much of a fan for m/m relationships and I don't deliberately go looking for it. It just sneaks up on me. Sort of.

(I am a fan for Voldemort/Harry Potter or Tom Riddle/Harry Potter; both of which the quality and quanity generally stinks.)

Here is an exception. I just went sifting through the ff.net lists for Harry Potter fanfiction, under the character searches of Harry P. and Draco D. The reason why I did this is because I like to read summaries. Now, I know that slash is quite the theme in stories about Harry and Draco, but I did this to find and share some highly amusing summaries.

The Game
HD Harry is beeing raped by the one he loves, but who also is his worst enemy. How will he deal with this? Can he deal with this? And will Draco ever love him back? WARNING; Rape. Chapter 6 up

I think I might want to mention that, upon glancing through the story, the person raping Harry is Draco. (I think it should be mandatory that Stockholm Syndrome should be studied by everyone who writes rape stories.)

Harry is forced to marry Blaise. He is suddenly freed from his unhappy marriage, but still held captive by the pain he endured. Will Draco soften his heart and help Harry heal? Rated R to be safe. Slash.

Is it a small comfort to know that Blaise is male? No? Oh.

Flush Your Troubles Away
Draco is depressed and is unhappy with the way he looks so he finds an alternative way to feel better about himself. WARNING: SLASH and bulimia

I've marked this story for a later Report in the future.

Odi et Amo
COMPLETE. After defeating Voldemort,Harry has to face another big problem: the Wizarding World’s homophobia. But maybe he hasn’t understood that he has an ally...slash (HPDM)

After Voldemort, I don't know if facing homophobia is going to be as big of a problem. I would think, since Harry is The Hero and Voldemort is Very Evil, that Harry's homosexuality is considerably the very smallest of the two evils. One may be surprised with how the hero can get away with everything, including, well, murder.

OH my gosh Kurt Cobain!
WHOO! Harry on Drugs! Crazy gay people on the loose! Drama, drama, drama! Fighting a lunatic Dark Lord and doing acid just don't mix. Harry and Remus bondage! Eventual HD slash! RR NOT A PROMOTIONAL DRUG STORY. Drugs are bad, mmkay.

It's listed under Drama/Angst. This is slated for my next Report.

After all this, I feel it is only fair to add a slash story summary that would make ordinary, sensible slash fans glow with pride. (The story itself also horribly funny, in that oh-this-is-so-wrong-but-I-DON'T-CARE!! sort of way.)
Seven Days
NEW CH 6! (SLASH, PARODY) Virginal Draco Malfoy watches a mysterious raunchy homemade video, and then receives an owl indicating that he will be “deflowered in seven days,” unless he can first uncover the video’s sordid secrets.

The one issue I have with it is the rampant abuse of ellipses, but the potential of an excellent story exists.
Not bad for a parody on Ringu or The Ring, depending on which one you prefer.
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Love does indeed know an age! [May. 19th, 2004|09:53 pm]
Yaoi/slash that BURNS.

[mood |puzzled]

And believe me, it's not thirteenCollapse )
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MPREG -- why not to do it. [Dec. 26th, 2003|05:13 pm]
Yaoi/slash that BURNS.

[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

(Inspired by this. Naruto gets pregant through anal sex. I mean, come on. Just because Sasuke's condom broke . . . At least they were using condoms.)

Today, I would like to discuss certain medical aspects in slash that a writer should try to do research in.

This is known as MPREG.Collapse )
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First entry! Boy oh boy! [Dec. 8th, 2003|10:24 pm]
Yaoi/slash that BURNS.

[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Boston by The Clintons]

I would like to commemorate the opening of BadYaoi with a MSTing of a story. So I'll just fill out this handy-dandy little form thingy that I have on the journal info page.

Name of author: Chaos_of_Sesshoumaru.
Name of story: Rage Heat
Fandom this is from: Inuyasha
Pairings: Inuyasha/Miroku, Inuyasha/Kouga, Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru
What makes it bad: Oh, where to start . . . Well, first the author doesn't even try to justify her rather strange concepts of characterization and sex. And the sex is pretty bad. Inconsistency. Poor grammar and spelling. It's just bad. It burns.
An example: And now, on with the show!Collapse )
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