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Yaoi/Slash that BURNS

People tell me it's great, but what's all this crap I keep finding?

Yaoi/slash that BURNS.
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Badyaoi is a community for people to post comments and entries on bad yaoi/slash. Yes, bad yaoi/slash exists. Bad writing in general exists, but this community specializes in stories where yaoi/slash is a central theme. However, the idea of yaoi/slash itself is not what is wrong here, but merely how the writing of the yaoi/slash has been conducted. Does the writing break the following Cardinal Sins:

- Resort to every gay steriotype and cliche that exists in Western Civilization?

- Maims characterization?

- Has poor grammer, bad spelling, horrible dialogue, and is a single, solid chunk of text?

- Has total disregard of the heterosexuality and heterosexual romances the character(s) has already?

- Makes every single character in the story homosexual? (I don't mean the main character; I mean [a HP example] Severus Snape AND Harry Potter AND Draco Malfoy AND Lucius Malfoy AND Remus Lupin AND Sirius Black AND Ron Weasely and his five brothers, including the twins who have a sexual relationship with each other, AND Albus Dumbledore AND Voldemort AND every single Gryffindor not mentioned before. And all the Slytherins as well. And those are just the men. Trust me, I've seen stories like this that would have earned an immediate placing here.)

This community is about bad yaoi/slash. It's about discussing why it's bad, mocking what it's bad, and posting little exerts for others to mock and laugh at. If you wish to post some exert or blurb of a story, please follow this easy-to-use guide and fill in the following:

Name of author:
Name of story:
Fandom this is from:
What makes it bad:
An exert or expose0:

Many things are accepted in this community, including pertinent rants regarding where the slash/yaoi went wrong.